If you have a quality piece of furniture whether it is period, modern or traditional that has become worn and tired looking then we can bring it back to life including re-springing furniture and repairing frames. Using modern materials with traditional skills we provide results to an impeccable standard.

 These days we are realising the costs of being a ‘throw away’ culture, not only to ourselves but to our environment. Buying cheaply manufactured furniture may mean it will need to be thrown in a couple of years time, with re-upholstery you can recycle your quality furniture.

We can also work on-site if a piece of furniture is difficult to remove to minimise disruption.

As well as re-upholstery we also make loose covers for your sofas and chairs.

Benefits of reupholstering your furniture:-

  • No need to compromise on the original style and comfort of the piece
  • You can update the look of your furniture with fabric that co-ordinates with your interior
  • The reassurance that the size of furniture fits the space
  • Less expensive than buying a brand new quality suite
  • By recycling furniture it means you're doing your bit for the environment

Is Your Furniture Suitable?

Whatever the make of your furniture we can reupholster it, although we recommend reupholstery on quality pieces of furniture. If you would like to know if your piece of furniture is suitable please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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